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Washing Window

Covid and Sickness

Our Approach

Since opening our doors, we’ve been committed to providing Effective Natural Cleaning Solutions.  Our primary disinfectant is 33% stronger than the CDC requirement to kill Covid-19, but lets be honest, Covid-19 is not the only thing out there that is dangerous. There are nasty flus and even colds that impact your health and ours.  Bacteria can make you very sick as well.  Because what we use is so strong, it exceeds what is needed to kill all of that rapidly while still being food grade.  

Our disinfectant can be sprayed on fabric couches, beds, remotes, and more. It has not shown to damage or discolor them in any way yet it does the job.  It also evaporates away quickly giving you quick access to your disinfected surfaces without worry about what is left behind. 

Cleaning is and always has been a two step process and we have always held strict standards about the order in which we do what we do. 

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